Water Conservation

Lake Alfred enjoys an abundance of natural resources including our collection of world-renowned lakes, parks, and natural areas that support a variety of wildlife habitats. However, as Lake Alfred's population has continued to grow, so has our need for water supply from the Upper Floridan aquifer. 

This increasing withdrawal of water from the Upper Floridan aquifer has put a strain on these natural ecosystems and the water quality necessary to sustain them for the enjoyment of future generations. 

To meet our long-term water demands and avoid environmental impacts, we will need to find new water sources and exercise more conservative and responsible use of this precious life-sustaining resource. 

By applying some simple water conservation practices, we can significantly contribute to reducing our water use and need for new water sources. Although it may often seem like a single individual, household, or business cannot make a difference, it is important to remember that every river starts as a single drop! The Polk Regional Water Cooperative and its member governments are also working diligently to assist with your water conservation efforts. The water conservation information provided here will help you reduce water waste and your water utility bills. Below is a collection of useful tips, actions, programs, and educational material to help you, your family, and your community conserve water.

Program Information

Toilet Rebate Program Rebate check up to $100 for each eligible toilet Email: TJohnson@mylakalfred.com
Wireless Rain Sensor Program Free wireless Rain Sensor Email: TJohnshon@mylakealfred.com
Free Irrigation and Landscape Evaluation Irrigation system and landscaping review Email:TJohnson@mylakealfred.com