Code Enforcement

Fair, equitable and consistent enforcement of City ordinances is the main purpose of the Lake Alfred Code Enforcement operations. Our goal is to have a clean city and to preserve the quality of our neighborhoods. We believe the only way to achieve these goals are to forge a bond between the City and the community.

Please review the Lake Alfred Property Maintenance Code (PDF)


  • Overgrown yard or lot
  • Trash, debris and storage of materials
  • Abandoned or derelict vehicle
  • Unsafe structure
  • Working without a building permit
  • Parking in front yard

Special Magistrate

The City of Lake Alfred Code Enforcement Special Magistrate hearings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 3 pm at City Hall, 120 E Pomelo Street. For additional information, please call 863-291-5748.

Animal Control

The City of Lake Alfred works with Polk County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) Animal Control division in enforcing the Polk County Animal Control Ordinances. PCSO Animal Control investigates bite cases, dangerous dog cases and also provides animal adoption programs, picks up sick or injured dogs and cats, and quarantines animals.

Please remember, County law requires:

  • That all dogs and cats four months and older have a current rabies vaccination and have a valid license.
  • All dogs and cats must wear a collar with a valid license tag on it at all times or implant the dog or cat with a RFID microchip, registered with Animal Control.
  • Dogs must be confined to their owner's property or be under the owner's control when in public areas.

For more information, please visit the PCSO Animal Control website.