Lien Searches

Performing a lien search on a property can help you find:

  • Outstanding debts owed to the City of Lake Alfred
  • Outstanding imposed fines on the property
  • Past-due utility accounts

To submit a request for a lien search by email, complete both the Lien Search Request Form (PDF) and Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF) and email directly to our office. All searches will be processed after payment is received.

Code Enforcement Liens

Fines imposed by the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate are recorded in the public record, and constitute a lien against the real property owned by the violator.

Many times respondents are unable to pay Code Enforcement fines/liens which have accrued to a very high level. Assuming the violation that led to the fine has been corrected, it is possible to get the fine reduced or dismissed by requesting the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate grant reconsideration. Contact the Community Development office for more information.